What's New

  • New release for the "SHU-ZDP" additional handles design.

    We are going to release the SHU-ZDP's new handles design on April. Please check any details from collection page.

    秀 SHU (KIKU/KOI) New additional design   秀 SHU (KIKU/KOI) New additional design   
  • New release for the "RYO H-ZDP" additional handles color

    We are going to make an additional handle color which is titanium blue coloring.It will release on August.
    Please wait just a little longer.

  • New product release information

    We are decided to reprinted the NEHAN-ZDP. It will release on April 2017.
    Please be waiting for a while.

    NEHAN (redesigned)   NEHAN (redesigned)  
  • Request for the registration of the knife

    no image

    We made the registration system in our website. If you purchase the knife, please register from our website. It is very important to you. If you are registration, you can be given the warranty for sharpness.
    If you hve not been registration yet, please register it immediatly

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