Full length176mm
Hardnessaround HRc65
Blade coatingDLC
ScaleA7075(duralumin) Hard-anodized treatment
Top bit of the liner lockSKD11 HRc 61

The HIZEN-TIN is a smaller version of our HIGO knife. This knife is very tough as a result of it's titanium coating. This is an easy maintenance knife that is very easy-to-use and cuts well. The handle is made from duralumin, which is light and strong.
This knife has a blade angle of 30 degrees near the haft, and 24 degrees near the tip with one continuous, gradually reducing angle connecting them. This reducing blade angle is a product of Rockstead's continuing pursuit of superior sharpness.
This knife is of preeminent sharpness. This is a durable knife with strong cutting capabilities that will last for a long time.

肥前"HIZEN" in Japanese means "the old name of the "kyushu" district in Japan.

This blade coating was changed from TIN to DLC.


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