Full length 213mm
Blade 93mm
Material ZDP189 Clad by VG10
Thickness 3.7mm
Weight 155g
Hardness Around HRc67
Hard coating
Scale Aluminum(A6063)Hardanodized treatment
Embellishments Stingray
The TEI-ZDP is a flagship knife of our folding knife series. The blade is convex on both sides in the tradition of the highly praised Japanese sword. This shape is both sharp and strong, and can still slice cleanly through a sheet of paper even after 1.000 cuts through a hemp rope. The dual convex surface of this blade gives an amazing sharpness to the knife. As to the characteristics of the blade, this knife has a blade angle of 30 degrees near the half, and 24 degrees near the tip with one continuous, gradually reducing angle connecting them. Please enjoy the different feeling to the way it cuts.
This dual convex blade shape is called HONZUKURI. The sharpness of this knife is supreme though it is unsuitable for rough use.

悌"TEI" in Japanese means "be very close siblings".

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