Full length 213mm
Blade 93mm
Material YXR7
Thickness 3.7mm
Weight 155g
Hardness about HRc65
Hard coating DLC coating
Scale Aluminum(A6063)Hard anodized treatment
Embellishments Stingray

Production was ended and there is not a stock either.

This knife is still able to slice cleanly through a sheet of paper even after the punishment of chopping and cutting through dried bamboo. This knife has beautiful dual convex surfaces giving it an extreme sharpness. TEI-DLC is a flagship knife from Rockstead folding knife collection. The blade is convex on both sides in the tradition of the Japanese sword. It's strong and cuts well. This is a durable knife with strong cutting capabilities that will last for a long time.

悌"TEI" in Japanese means "be very close siblings".
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