Full length196mm
Blade length80mm
Total weight124g
Blade thickness3.2mm
Blade materialZDP189
Blade hardnessAround 67 HRc
Handle materialtitanium
Handle coloringblue

This blade outline is image of the "HIGONOKAMI" which reprecent knife in Japan. And, blade shape is convex (HONZUKURI).
It is very easy to use and cuts well. This handle material is titanium and blade material is ZDP189.
The greatest feature of this knife which is movable clip system that called "Concealed clip system". We have originally produced the concealed clip system to eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of the "clip feel" when gripped the handle. However, it turns out that a part of the mechanism of this "concealed clip system" conflicts with US patent Nos. 8,112,894 and 8,783,141.
We have bee licenced to use the US patents after negotiations with Mr. Joseph Caswell, the US patent owner.

Titanium coloring reacts to oil, so even if the color of the handle changes, there is no problem on the product. When wiping it with alcohol or neutral detergent attached to the tissue, it becomes the original bright color.

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