DLC-Prism Coating Series


Full length 190mm
Blade length 80mm
Total weight 140g
Blade material ZDP189
Blade thickness 3.7mm
Blade hardness Around 67 HRc
Handles material Titanium
Handles coating DLCP (DLC-prism)
Scabbard Leather
This knife original model is SAI. However, this model has the big different of the two part.
The most different things of the blade shape is made by "Tanto-Honzukuri". As you know, we are making to the "Tanto" blade with 智CHI model. This blade shape is "Tanto-Shinogizukuri" that means straight grind.
However, we were completed "Tanto-Honzukuri" with original technologies. The only a few knife maker who made this kind of blade shape. But, we have never seen "Tanto-Honzukuri" with mirror polishing surface.
The other point is the handles coating. This model was used the "DLC Prism" coating that is kind of DLC coating. 
This "DLCP" is very thin of the thickness and very hard coating compared with DLC.
Please note : This coating color will be a subtle difference for each handles.
You can see more details of the coating from our making page.

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