KOU (Out of production)

photo:KOU (Out of production)


Style Powder Stainless Steel Blade
Full length 181mm
Blade 76mm
Material ZDP189 clad by VG10
Thickness 3.7mm
Weight 106g
Hardness around HRc67
Scale Aluminum with the hard anodized
Embellishments Stingray
We wanted to make the blade from a material that is excellent for producing a sharp edge, with both a beautiful surface and high degree of hardness. That is why we chose this powder stainless steel. ZDP189 is the finest steel from which to make edged tools, as it is extremely hard. With this knife, we have achieved hardness, toughness and high corrosion resistance and beauty all in one blade.

孝"KOU" in Japanese means "filial piety".
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