Style DLC coated BLADE
Full length 181mm
Blade 76mm
Material YXR7
Thickness 3.7mm
Weight 106g
Hardness around HRc65
Scale Aluminum with the hard anodized
Blade Coating DLC coating
Embellishments Stingray
After cutting and chopping through dried bamboo and cutting through a manila rope 350 times, this blade is still able to slice cleanly through a sheet of paper. This knife has a blade angle of 30 degrees near the haft, and 24 degrees near the tip with one continuous, gradually reducing angle connecting them. This reducing blade angle is a product of Rockstead's continuing of superior sharpness. This knife is of preeminent sharpness. This is a durable knife with strong cutting capabilities that will last for a long time. One KOU is a little different in that it has an improved clip, improvement to the internal structure and an increase to the embellishments.

孝"KOU" in Japanese means "filial piety".

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